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Empowering Hope TV Specials

Make Mental Health Matter TV show host, Kelli Melissa Reinhardt, does quarterly specials on e360tv's main channel that is promoted to their over 1 million viewers. This is like a speaker summit where we have specific speakers, talking about specific topics that are showcased during each 2 hour special. Each special has a specific theme which speakers are recommended to apply for the theme they are an expert in.

- Apply To Be A Speaker -

Make Mental Health Matter TV show does quarterly special event summits on e360tv. We are actively looking for speakers for each special. 

Things to Note Before You Apply:

All speakers MUST apply to be considered to be showcased on these specials. Not all speakers that apply will be selected, however if we feel you're a good fit for another special we will hold onto your information for future consideration. There is a small donation fee of $44 to be a speaker for these specials. This donation fee will only be collected if you're chosen to be a speaker and must be paid prior to the special or you will be removed from the speaker lineup. Please only apply if you're serious in speaking, this is not the first time you have spoken on this topic, you feel comfortable on camera and are willing to pay the donation fee. You do not have to be a professional speaker, but we do ask that you have some experience before applying. If you're an advocate, professional or have a story as related to mental health, and are not comfortable on camera, then it may be better to be a guest on the Make Mental Health Matter TV show prior to applying to be a speaker for these specials. 

2024 Dates/Times:

3/3/2024: Spiritual Connection Day 4pm MST-6pm MST

5/16/2024: Mental Health Action Day 12pm MST-2pm MST

9/10/2024: World Suicide Prevention Day 5pm MST-7pm MST

11/11/2024: Veterans Day 11am MST-1pm MST

We will list the specific theme other than what is above shortly. 

Speaker Application

Previous Specials

Sept 2023 

Thank you for watching our special, please share with anyone you think should watch and have this information! You can find the rerun here:


Also be sure to check out Kelli’s weekly show Make Mental Health Matter on e360tv on the Achieve TV channel.


If you or someone you know is in crisis, please reach out to the National Suicide & Crisis Line at 988 in the U.S.A.


For more resources check out BCC's Trusted Resource Hub.

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